King (2022)

What would you do if a lion cub appeared in your room? Siblings Inés and Alex, have to face this dilemma when they find King, a trafficked cub who escapes from an airport and finds refuge in their home.

Bujji Ila Raa (2022)

Brutal kidnappings and murders of 8-year-old girls poses a tough challenge for the Warangal Police Department. After the investigating officer meets with an accident, Muhammad Khayyum is appointed. Can he solve the murders?

Alert Code Red (2022)

Alert Code Red is the story of a girl Sanvi who gets stuck in the mid of a highway with her friends. People are being killed brutally by a psychopath near that area. Will Sanvi and her friends be able to get out of this situation or they will also die.

Guru Shishyaru (2022)

Manohara who joins a school only for the sake of acquiring an experience certificate. But he is thrown into deeper conflicts when his connection gets stronger with students and the villagers.

Ishq Pashmina (2022)

Forced by their own condition amidst the beauty and silence of Mashowra, Karan and Omisha come closer to each other. One has never seen the other, only felt it. Soon the two complement each other, but perhaps something else is written in their fate. Amidst heavy snowfall, a very sensitive story is born. Which shakes …

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Vinchi Bharati Academy (2022)

Two parts of the story stands in a parrarrel time in two different places, one is reality, and the other is delusion. Vinchi Bharati Academy is situated in delusion where the norms, culture, living style, system are being challenged, manipulated, overrrated, explained, signified in everyway possible.